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FPL set-pieces: Stay up to date with the key players

By The Scout 1 Aug 2022
Marc Cucurella takes a corner for Chelsea

The Scout shows you where to find the first-choice takers at dead-ball situations for their sides

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FPL managers should always keep an eye on which players take penalties and set-pieces for their teams, and the Fantasy Premier League site and Premier League app helps you to do just that with its 'Set Piece Takers' section. 

How to find 'Set Piece Takers'

Managers can see which players are taking penalties, corners and free-kicks for each club in the table in the "Set Piece Takers" section of the FPL page.  

On the FPL web section, click on "The Scout" tab and go to "Set-Pieces".

On the app, go to the "Set Piece Takers" button on the main menu of the FPL section.

This is updated regularly so you can stay on top of which players might deliver extra points.

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