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How Fixture Difficulty Ratings can help FPL managers

6 Jun 2022
How Fixture Difficulty Ratings can help FPL managers

The must-have tool that allows Fantasy managers to plan for the campaign ahead

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For Fantasy Premier League managers, getting insight into their squads and potential transfer targets can be helpful for bringing in points.

There are several tools that can help you achieve this, such as ICT Index, which lets you analyse player performance from an FPL perspective.

The Fixture Difficulty Ratings tool (FDR) is another, providing an immediate view of the difficulty of forthcoming fixtures for your players.

Colour coding is used to help portray the FDR value, with green depicting a low-difficulty fixture and red the highest.

Ahead of each Gameweek, articles will use the FDR to identify teams with such runs to help guide your short and mid-term transfer decisions.

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