Mental Health Awareness Week

Top tips for a healthy diet

23 May 2020
Premier League - Leicester City v Liverpool

Aston Villa head of nutrition Marcus Hannon reveals his top tips for healthy eating as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

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As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Aston Villa head of nutrition Marcus Hannon answered questions on Twitter as part of a series of Q&A sessions with industry experts.

And he has three top tips to follow which will help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

- Try to limit the amount of processed foods in your diet and ensure that the majority of food and drink you consume are from natural, unprocessed sources,
- Eat a wide variety of different foods regularly and do not eliminate any major food groups from your diet.
- Food is mood - make sure you include foods in your diet that are both nutritious and delicious!

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Access the #StayWell Hub

Fans can access a library of expert advice on nutrition and other areas to help look after their mental health in the Premier League's #StayWell hub.

It shares tips and guidance from experts, the clubs and players as well as from the National Health Service and national organisations working in these areas to help supporters stay strong and positive.

And the hub will continue to develop, offering fans expert guidance in other areas to help maintain their health in these challenging times.

See: #StayWell hub

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