The need for a well-balanced diet

21 Jan 2023
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Eating well is a key factor in your emotional wellbeing. If you don't feed well, you won't feel well.

Premier League players get top-level advice on their nutrition to optimise their health and so they can train and play to the best of their ability. But they also follow simple tips relevant to everyone.


Staying hydrated is important. Even at home your body still loses a lot of water through the day so drinking 5-8 glasses of water or other fluids a day can help you to concentrate and think clearly.

A balanced diet
Impact of alcohol

Alcohol can make you feel better in the short term but in the long term it can have a negative effect on your mood and can impact on your sleep, affecting your emotional wellbeing. So, if you do drink, try to do so in moderation.

How are you? 

Get your personalised health score with this online test.

An easy way to help your kids to have good nutrition is to encourage them to "eat the rainbow" of coloured food.

The Premier League Primary Stars website has a simple activity for kids to eat the rainbow. Try out the fun and exciting activity pack.

More tips for your mental health

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