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FPL secrets: Save up to use mini Wildcards

By The Scout 25 Jul 2019
Nathan Redmond, Southampton

The Scout reveals the importance of patience and forward planning when it comes to making transfers in Fantasy

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As the 2019/20 season draws ever closer and Fantasy Premier League managers step up their preparations, The Scout explains the FPL fundamentals.

Take your time with transfers

Reigning Fantasy champion Adam Levy adopted a key transfer strategy to gain an edge over his rivals last season.

Each Gameweek managers can bring in one player with a free transfer.

These are often form players or cut-price picks and enable injured or suspended players to be taken out of squads.

This one free transfer can be "rolled over" to give two transfers the following Gameweek and prevent managers from spending a points hit if they want to make more than one change.

Adam favoured this tactic on seven occasions. By swapping out two players he was able to free up funds to bring in an expensive option.

Tactical nous

Try to begin the season with this strategy.

By building your opening squad with the first two Gameweeks in mind you can carry over your first transfer and create a "mini Wildcard".

Saving transfers and combining a hit with two free swaps could prove hugely effective.

It enables you to sign three players for a cost of four points, increasing the chances that one of those new acquisitions will pay off the four-point debt.

This is a strategy favoured by other recent FPL winners, too.

Successful strategy

The 2017/18 champion Yusuf Sheikh saved his one free transfer in 10 Gameweeks.

He made three transfers in a single Gameweek on four occasions.

Ben Crabtree, winner in 2016/17, saved his transfer on nine occasions, spending extra points on transfers seven times.

Changes in tactics or form, or the appointment of a new manager, can also influence transfer market moves.

Ralph Hasenhuttl's mid-season arrival at Southampton was evidence of this as he guided the team away from the relegation zone.

Changing places

The Austrian manager had a major impact on Nathan Redmond (£6.5m).

Redmond did not register any goals or assists in the opening 15 matches while playing as a winger under Mark Hughes.

Hasenhuttl moved him up front and Redmond then hit six goals in 23 appearances. He also produced five assists.

Keeping an eye open for such changes can help guide your plans as the season unfolds.

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