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PL Writing Stars winner: 'An Ordinary Girl from Birmingham'

21 Mar 2019
Maariya, Premier League Primary Stars

Maariya from Heathfield Primary earns 2019 Key Stage 2 prize for her poem about life in Birmingham

Maariya from Heathfield Primary School, in Birmingham, claimed the Key Stage 2 prize with her poem "An Ordinary Girl from Birmingham".

An Ordinary Girl from Birmingham

by Maariya, aged 9¾

I am nine and three quarters, living next door to a lady from Gibraltar,
I can go to the shop to buy noodles and rice, chapatti flour and spice,
I can say As-salamu alaykum and Hello, Konnichiwa and Hola.

My favourite dish is pie and chips, poppadoms, paratha and fish,
My sister thinks she is Jamaican, her favourite food is jerk chicken.

My mum is from up north,
My dad is from down south,
Together they make my world.

This is me, this is who I am.

An ordinary girl from Birmingham.

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