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Kayden finding his voice thanks to PL Primary Stars

20 Mar 2019

Cardiff City and Premier League programme has helped one pupil develop his presentation and commentary skills

Year 6 student Kayden used to be nervous and shy when speaking in public but thanks to Premier League Primary Stars and the Cardiff City Foundation, he is now confident enough to talk in front of his class.

"Kayden's a really nice kid and always happy within school," says Dean Pymble of the Cardiff City Foundation.

"But his confidence was really lacking, especially when speaking in front of his peers and some of the teachers."

Match commentary

That was until he started working with the Foundation on PL Primary Stars at Herbert Thompson Primary School.

As part of the Foundation's work in the school, pupils took part in a literacy project based on writing commentary for one of Cardiff City's matches.

"The work that the teachers have done and the Cardiff City Foundation have just transformed him really as a person," says Year 6 teacher Jo Dunne.

"He's become so eloquent and he actually enjoys talking in front of an audience."

Dream come true

To mark his progress, Cardiff City captain Sol Bamba paid a special visit to the school and listened to Kayden commentate.

"He sat by me and it was just amazing," said Kayden.

"I used to be very shy but now I'm more confident. The Primary Stars classes have helped me think outside the box instead of just simple one-word answers. It's an amazing honour working with Cardiff City."

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