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'Golden Memories is a lifeline for people with dementia'

The Premier League and PFA Community Fund has enabled professional football clubs across England and Wales to deliver projects responding to local needs for the last 13 years.

The Fund invests in projects developed by Premier League clubs' charities and in partnership with other local organisations.

These partnerships, combined with the engagement of players, have led to positive outcomes in a wide variety of areas including: adolescent mental health, LGBTQ+ inclusion, adult physical health, social isolation in older people, supporting people with dementia, sporting and employability provision and targeted youth engagement.

Key stats

- 25 professional football club charities currently deliver 80+ local need projects across England and Wales
- 75,000+ participants have benefitted from their involvement
- 150,000 + sessions delivered across 220,000+ hours
- Delivery across 1,800 venues with 57 per cent taking place in the top 30 per cent most deprived communities in the country
- 32 per cent attendees from ethnically diverse backgrounds and 39 per cent female
- PL invested £26.7m in PL/PFA


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