Everton giving Christine the chance of a brighter future

19 May 2019

Find out how Everton in the Community helped one teenager turn her life around

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Everton in the Community run a variety of mental health programmes and has supported 5,000 people since 2007.

One of those people is Christine, who became involved with Everton after two attempts to end her own life.

"When you are at your lowest, the only thing you focus on is everything bad that is going on and on how life would go on without you," she tells Everton's official website. "You feel you don’t make an impact on anyone.

"People don't understand how much depression can take over your life, not just mentally but physically. The depression rules you. The first step is to realise that you need help."

Christine started on her road to recovery when she saw a flyer for Everton in the Community's Girls on Side project, which offers females with mental health issues support and opportunities to gain skills.

Group support

"It is like a family because if you're having a bad day they will try to boost you up, or if you know someone else is having a bad day you help them," she says. "It's whatever you make it but at least there's something there, started for you.

"My recovery only happened because of Everton in the Community."

While taking part in Girls on Side, Christine took part in an employability programme and now has her sights set on going to university to get a degree.

And she has advice for anyone who is in the same situation she was.

"If you are having a few rubbish days, don't bottle it up, speak with your friends, siblings, parents, teacher," she says.

"You might just need to get a rant out, and once it's out you will feel 10 times better. If that doesn't help, then go to your doctor, there's nothing to be ashamed of. 

"I ignored everything, and if I hadn't, I would have been able to get help earlier."

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