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One and only: Chris David

29 Jun 2018

Former Fulham midfielder recalls his late long-range equaliser in his single Premier League appearance

It's a select group; those who have only played in one Premier League match and scored. This week we remember the four "one-hit wonders".

Chris David

Fulham had already been relegated when they hosted Crystal Palace on the final day of 2013/14 but their campaign still ended on a high note, especially for midfielder Chris David.

With his side trailing 2-1 in stoppage time the Dutchman, who had come off the bench in the first half for his debut, equalised with a stunning long-range strike.

He became the third of four players who have scored in their single Premier League appearance.

'It was the best feeling'

"I was a bit nervous before but when I came on to the pitch everything went away," David recalls.

"I just felt like a free bird flying all over the pitch and asking for every ball. It was the best feeling, right up until the last minute.

"I dribbled inside and thought, 'Just shoot, just try.' It went in beautifully. It was one of the best days of my life, and especially in my career. I won't forget that moment."

Heitinga advice

Now playing for FC Utrecht in the top flight of the Dutch league, David remembers the advice he was given by his team-mate, friend and countryman John Heitinga before the match.

"He was like a teacher for me," says David. "We drove together to the stadium and he told me, 'If you come in for us today, just show yourself. Take a yellow card, so people see your name.'

"I played my game, took off my shirt to celebrate my goal and got a yellow card. I went straight to him afterwards and said, 'This is what you meant. I scored and got a yellow card!' It was a funny celebration."

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