Owen: City must carry on to match Invincibles

21 May 2018

Former Liverpool striker compares 2017/18 champions with three legendary Premier League teams

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We talked to former Premier League players who faced three of the best teams of the Premier League era: Manchester United (1998/99), Arsenal (2003/04) and Chelsea (2004-06).

And we asked how those sides compared with the record-breaking 2017/18 champions Manchester City.

Michael Owen

"In this day and age when the competition is as fierce as it’s ever been, it takes some performance to reach the summit," says Owen.

"Whether or not they’re going to go down as one of the greatest in PL history depends on if they can win another couple of leagues."

Owen believes the team who should go down as the best are the Arsenal team of 2003/04.

"The Invincibles were unmatched," the former Liverpool forward says. "As a one-off team, they were probably the best.

"It was the first time in my career whereby I’m looking at a team and thinking they run faster, longer, never get injured. It was almost like they were machines."

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