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'PL Primary Stars gave me confidence to teach PE'

23 Jun 2017
Premier League Primary Stars, Laura's story

Teacher Laura Bentley on how Wigan and Premier League programme have helped

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For reception teacher Laura Bentley, PE lessons at her St Luke's Lowton Primary School, in Wigan, were not something she always looked forward to.

"I am not a PE specialist by any means. I didn't mind doing it but it wasn't my subject," she says. "I just used to follow the plans and do it as best I could.

"Confidence is a big thing."

In September, Laura got involved in the new Premier League Primary Stars programme, with coaches from Wigan Athletic Community Trust.

She observed and helped in PE lessons led by Phil, from the Community Trust, picking up techniques before leading a session on her own.

"I felt really nervous," she says. "I thought that having a Wigan coach observing would be a bit daunting but he was brilliant, very supportive and gave me lots of praise for things that went well."

Having the input and advice from Wigan has made a big difference to Laura’s confidence in PE and she now takes two PE sessions a week, leading one on her own.

"I am a lot more confident and a lot happier in the subject," says Laura. "I have learnt so much. I don't dread PE any more.

"I am more confident in bringing in different aspects of the early-years curriculum with my children.

"The activities can really support them in not only their physical development but their listening and understanding skills as well.

"I don't think I would have been able to do that without PL Primary Stars.

"It's invaluable. The coaches are brilliant and so supportive.

"They come in every week with big smiles on their faces and they love what they do.

"That helps us to be able to teach the lessons and enjoy them just as much as the children."

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