What are the unique scorelines in Premier League history?

26 Sep 2023

We take a look at all the incredible results and the ones that have yet to happen

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When Newcastle United put eight unanswered goals past Sheffield United at Bramall Lane last Sunday, it was the first time that a Premier League team had won by that exact scoreline in an away match.

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The 0-8 result becomes the 11th unique score in the Premier League, in that it had never previously happened in the 31 years of the competition’s history. 

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So, what scorelines remain that have yet to occur in a Premier League match?

If we look at possible scorelines with a total of a maximum 11 goals in a match, there are still 17 possibilities that have not yet taken place in Premier League history.

Results yet to happen (max. 11 goals)
0-10 2-8 4-7
0-11 2-9 5-6
1-9 3-7 6-5
1-10 3-8 8-3
2-7 4-6 9-2
10-0 11-0  

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