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FPL experts: What's the best chip strategy?

21 Mar 2023
Pep Guardiola, Manchester City

Fantasy experts discuss whether managers should use a Bench Boost, Wildcard or Free Hit in GW29 and beyond

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The Scout's panel of experts discuss their chip strategies for Gameweek 29 and beyond in Fantasy Premier League.

Lee Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

I think I'm fairly set. Bench Boost Gameweek 29 to maximise the points potential of the biggest Double Gameweek of the season and then use the Free Hit in Gameweek 32, to navigate a difficult-looking Blank Gameweek in which key FPL assets from FA Cup semi-finalists Brighton, Manchester City and Manchester United won't play.

Utkarsh Dalmia (@zophar666)

I have two chips left to play, the Bench Boost and the Free Hit. I will be using the Bench Boost in the season's biggest Double Gameweek 29. As I will be having two Man Utd, three Brighton, one Man City and one Chelsea who all blank in GW32, I will be using my Free Hit then.

Ben Crabtree (@FC_CrabDogg)

The Free Hit, my second Wildcard, as well as the Bench Boost are all left to play. I am planning to use my Free Hit in GW32. I will likely Wildcard in GW33 and follow that with a Bench Boost in GW34. 

Nick (@WGTA_Nick)

I've been hoarding my chips and still have them all for a final end of season flourish. I plan on playing the Free Hit in DGW29 and will shortly be Wildcarding. Once I have a clear view of when the remaining fixtures will be rescheduled, I will make a plan to use Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips. 

Sam Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

I have two chips still to play in the final weeks of the season, the Free Hit and my second Wildcard. Currently my plan is to either Wildcard now, over the international break, or just ahead of GW30. I will be playing my Free Hit in GW32 to cover the players I will be missing as a result of the FA Cup. 

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