Which Premier League team have run the furthest?

17 Nov 2022
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Find out which clubs have recorded the longest distances covered in the 2022/23 season so far

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As the Premier League pauses for the FIFA World Cup 2022, we are looking at some of the numbers behind the season so far.

Distance covered 

When looking at teams who have covered the most distance from Matchweek 1, Tottenham Hotspur are the clear leaders.

Spurs head coach Antonio Conte is famed for the fitness levels to which he drives his players and they have repaid the Italian with a total of 1,683.85 kilometres covered across their 15 matches.

Just behind Spurs are Leicester City, who have run 27km fewer. 

Spurs and Newcastle United are the only two teams from the top eight in the table to be in the top four for distances covered.

The remaining six top teams rank in the lowest seven positions for distance covered this season. 

Teams distance covered 2022/23
Team Distance (km) Team Distance (km)
Spurs 1,683.9 Aston Villa 1,570.6
Leicester 1,656.8 Wolves 1,562.1
Southampton 1,647.8 Leeds 1,562.1
Newcastle 1,644.1 Man City  1,552.6
AFC Bournemouth 1,635.1 Liverpool 1,537.6
Brentford 1,632.3 Arsenal 1,526.7
West Ham 1,630.6 Man Utd 1,486.7
Everton 1,626.4 Brighton 1,484.2
Fulham 1,589.5 Chelsea 1,466.4
Nott'm Forest 1,584.9 Crystal Palace 1,438.5
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