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Premier League gives Florida family Christmas to remember

20 Jan 2022
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Spurs-themed gifts and trip to supporters' club help brighten Denisons' day at the end of a trying year

It had been a challenging year for Eddy Denison and his three children, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Eddy and his children's mother recently went through a divorce, and that has meant Eddy sees his children only a few times a month.

That separation from their dad has not been easy for the Denison children, aged 11, eight and five.

However, the bond that has tied Eddy and his children together has been their love for Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs bond

Every other weekend when the kids are with Eddy, the highlight of their time together is gathering around the TV and rooting for the Lilywhites.

The matches are a time for the children to take a break from the challenges of their reality. Instead, they can focus on something that they love together with their dad.

Spurs have played a huge role in connecting Eddy and his children, and that has led to an even deeper bond with the club for the family.

Eddy's wish was to have an opportunity to celebrate his family's love for Spurs even more, and the Premier League jumped to give he and his children a Christmas they would not forget.

Early on Christmas morning, Eddy was able to surprise his kids with a bundle of Spurs-themed gifts. From kits to trading cards, it was truly a special Christmas for the Denison family.

Watch Eddy's emotional video

Eddy was emotional as he described the sheer joy and surprise on his children's faces as they opened their gifts, and he spoke about how much it meant to him and his family to be cared about and uplifted by the PL and Spurs community during such a difficult time for them all.

"It was a big deal because of all the hardships we've had this year," said Eddy, in his Instagram post. "To see that somebody cares and it's like, 'Hey, this guy's going through a tough time and this might bring a little bit of light... especially because my kids have no idea what's going on, they just want to be happy. They're faces were just incredible."

Their celebrations continued the next day when Eddy and the kids,' went to watch the Spurs match with the local supporters' club.

MYPLWish TOT - Eddy Denilson and family and fans
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