Rainbow Laces

How Premier League inspires LGBTQ+ conversations

25 Nov 2021
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Video of Miley's story is featured in League's education resources supporting Rainbow Laces

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As part of our longstanding partnership with Stonewall, the Premier League has developed new Rainbow Laces education resources for primary and secondary schools to facilitate discussions around sexuality, allyship and empowering young people to tackle discrimination.

One resource is a video featuring Miley, who is part of Sheffield United's Empower LGBTQ+ Project. This is a programme supported by the Premier League and PFA Community Fund that aims to increase the number of LGBTQ+ individuals participating in physical activity and sport.

In the video, Miley and her mum talk about her being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, the positive impact of Rainbow Laces and how football can bring people together.

"I've found my second home," Miley says. "Football is a sport for everyone and LGBTQ+ people know our idols are looking out for us. They're our allies."

The education resources on the Premier League Primary Stars website will be available free to teachers in primary and secondary schools in England and Wales.

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