Premier League COVID-19 protocols for fans: FAQs

19 Feb 2022
Newcastle fan wearing a mask

All you need to know if you are planning to attend Premier League matches

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Here is what you need to know if you are planning to attend Premier League matches.

Do I need a COVID pass to attend Premier League matches?
Following the UK Government's easing of COVID-19 "Autumn and Winter Plan B" restrictions, COVID passes will no longer be enforced as a condition of entry to a Premier League match. This is in line with Government guidance.

What are clubs doing to help keep people safe?
The Premier League and clubs will continue to urge fans to follow public health guidance to keep each other safe on a matchday.

Supporters must not attend matches if they have any COVID-type symptoms or there is a risk of passing on the virus.

There are some simple ways fans can help keep each other stay safe on a matchday:
· Be responsible and do not travel if you have COVID-19 symptoms
· Wear face coverings in indoor and crowded areas
· Continue to regularly wash your hands
· If possible, take a COVID-19 test on a matchday to check there is no risk of passing on the virus
· The best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated

Do I have to wear a face covering at Premier League matches?
It is recommended that fans bring a face covering with them and wear it while indoors or in crowded areas, including on public transport if this is how you travel to matches. It is important to be considerate of other people around you and remain aware that they may have more concerns around COVID-19 than you.

Where do I get a lateral flow test from? 
As of the start of February, lateral flow tests were still available to order free of charge online here. You can also pick up tests from a local pharmacy by getting a collection code online.

Is it safe to attend a Premier League match?
The League and clubs will continue to take steps to keep supporters safe, but it is important that fans follow guidelines and remain considerate of other people, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Will I still be required to complete a self-declaration form?
These were introduced by clubs earlier in the season to ensure fans were aware of and would comply with the matchday protocols, which were in place to help keep fans safe. Pre-registration is no longer mandatory now Plan B restrictions have been reduced.

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