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2 Aug 2021
Man City receive 2020/21 Premier League Trophy

It's now easier than ever to invite your family, friends and colleagues to join your mini-league

Admins are the heart and soul of Fantasy Premier League, setting up and organising mini-leagues. Without you, the game is nothing.

Last season, 1.1million of you did an incredible job to ensure mini-league rivalry remained at the very essence of Fantasy. Thank you!

In recognition of your efforts, we are trying to help you for the 2021/22 FPL in a number of ways.

Invitation cards

When you are inviting your friends, family or colleagues to mini-leagues, or "invitational leagues" as they are called now, why not use one of our invitation cards?

All you have to do is download one of the four images below from the @OfficialFPL Facebook and Twitter pages.

Then just fill in the details and send to your league friends and future rivals.

FPL explainers

If you want to invite someone who has not played Fantasy before, send them our How to play FPL: A beginner's guide. 

It provides all the information they will need to get started and may save you the time to explain it all.

The new League Cup

We have also provided admins with a little extra spice to add to their league rivalries towards the end of the season, with a new cup competition.

The "League Cup" will feature all the teams in your invitational classic league going into a draw whose start will depend by the number of teams in the league.

See: About the new League Cup

Setting up the "League Cup" is easy. When setting up your invitational league, tick the "Create league cup" option. 

How to set up a league cup

If you have already set up your league, just go to the leagues page and click on the "Options" button. Click on "Administer" and tick the "Create League Cup" option. Then click "Update league".

See: Set up your mini-leagues and cups

If you have any problems, don't forget our FPL help page. At the bottom there is a form to contact us.

Thank you for spreading FPL around the world. Good luck with 2021/22 Fantasy! 👊

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