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New FPL deadlines: Don't get caught out

11 Sep 2020
West Ham United v Everton FC - Premier League

Fantasy managers must now finalise their teams 90 minutes before the first match, so download our digital calendar to receive helpful notifications

Skill and luck are two crucial ingredients to being a successful Fantasy Premier League manager, but organisation is another.

And in 2020/21 you will need that extra level of preparedness as the Gameweek deadlines for finalising your FPL teams are changing. 

FPL managers will need to have decided and saved their transfers, line-ups, captains and vice-captains 90 minutes before the start of a Gameweek's opening match. This is a change from the previous 60-minute deadlines. 

The deadline for Gameweek 1 is 11:00 BST on Saturday 12 September.

Sync deadlines to calendars

Luckily, there is a solution to hand to make sure you don't miss out on the Gameweek deadlines, with the Premier League's digital calendar.

You can set up your mobile right now to sync the Gameweek deadlines to your device, meaning you will never miss one.

Just go to and select "FPL" to do so. 

Once the 2020/21 fixtures are released by 21 August, the calendar will also allow you to get details of all matches, or just those of your favourite club, and will update automatically if those fixtures are rescheduled. 

Stay ahead of the game and your rivals to give yourself the best chance of hitting the ground running.

Get notifications 

If you still don't trust yourself to check your calendar, the easiest way not to forget is to get notified of the impending deadlines by the Premier League app.

You can do this very easily by going to the "More" section of the iOS or Android apps.

There you will see the "Notifications" section.

Scroll down to "Fantasy Notifications" and switch on "Gameweek Deadline".

Remember also to allow notifications by the app in your device's notification settings.

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