Inside Matters: Stars discuss mental health challenges

9 Jul 2020

See former Premier League players and managers open up about their toughest times and the support they received

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Former Premier League players and managers have been opening up about the mental challenges they have faced, and how they dealt with the most difficult periods of their careers, as part of the "Inside Matters" series.

You can watch all the interviews in the series below.

Part 1: Inside Matters: Shearer on dealing with recovery
Part 2: Inside Matters: Hoddle - Fighting spirit saw me through
Part 3: Inside Matters: Schmeichel - I didn't dwell on mistakes
Part 4: Inside Matters: Owen - I almost wanted to just hide inside
Part 5: Inside Matters: Fowler - Self-belief helped me through hard times
Part 6: Inside Matters: Hargreaves on pain of early retirement
Part 7: Inside Matters: Cole - Some days I struggle to get up
Part 8: Inside Matters: Keeping perspective key for Dixon
Part 9: Inside Matters: Ferdinand: Ask for help if you need it
Part 10: Inside Matters: Preparation and prevention vital for Giggs
Part 11: Inside Matters: Given - Support network key in difficult times
Part 12: Inside Matters: Neville - Ferguson's belief helped me through
Part 13: Inside Matters: Singh - Rejections my most valuable lessons

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