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Target Double Gameweek players as FPL resumes

By The Scout 8 Jun 2020
Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Aguero, Manchester City

Fantasy Premier League managers can make unlimited transfers for Gameweek 30+ so read The Scout's first thoughts on who to sign and which chips to use

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There is exciting news for managers ahead of the resumption of 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League.

Managers can now make unlimited transfers to their 15-man squads ahead of the first deadline.

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Deadline for deals

They must do so before the Gameweek 30+ deadline of 17:00 BST on Wednesday 17 June.

Once this deadline has passed, FPL will revert back to the usual rules of one free transfer per Gameweek.

The unlimited transfers are a big benefit to managers looking to take advantage of Double Gameweek 30+.

Four teams, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Sheffield United, will all play twice.

Double advantage

Some of the most popular players in FPL are among those with two Gameweek 30+ matches.

Sheffield Utd pair Dean Henderson (£5.3m) and John Lundstram (£4.9m) are the third most-owned goalkeeper and defender respectively.

In midfield, Kevin De Bruyne (£10.6m) of Man City and Villa's Jack Grealish (£6.4m) sit among the four most popular selections.

Their attacking threat is clear. De Bruyne has 16 assists and eight goals, while Grealish has six assists and seven goals.

Arsenal's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (£11.1m) and Man City Sergio Aguero (£11.8m) place in the top five forwards for ownership.

Aubameyang's 17 goals and Aguero's 16 goals are bettered only by the 19 of Leicester City's Jamie Vardy (£9.7m).

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Alternative options

The unlimited transfers provides further options for managers with chips still left to play.

Those holding their Bench Boost or Triple Captain chips could consider deploying one to profit from Double Gameweek 30+.

Meanwhile, managers who still have a second Wildcard could use the unlimited transfers to build a squad for the short-term, focusing on the next three to four Gameweeks. They could then rebuild for the final rounds of matches.

Ahead of the first fixtures, The Scout will pinpoint key players to consider and also assess the best tactics for using chips during the remaining nine Gameweeks.

The Scout will also advise on the impact of the new rules on substitutions, with teams' ability to use up to five substitutes per match having an impact on differentials as an overlooked source of points.

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