Non-League Day

Wilder: My non-league days still guide me

11 Oct 2019

Sheffield United manager says time in charge at Alfreton Town, Halifax Town and Oxford United influences him still

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Ahead of Non-League Day on Saturday 12 October, we spoke to people in the Premier League who played or managed beneath the top four divisions of the English football pyramid.

Chris Wilder

Non-league football played a big part in the success of the Sheffield United manager.

Wilder gained valuable managerial experience in charge of Alfreton Town, Halifax Town and Oxford United before taking over at Sheffield United and leading them from League One to the Premier League.

The 52-year-old says principles he applied in non-league are still in practice at the top level of the English game.

"There's certain things that I did in that period, that I still do now," Wilder says.

"Certain attributes that I look for in a player, in a team that we set up, when we were looking to set up teams then.

"It was key and I'm proud and I'm delighted that I went through that process and that experience, of not only good stuff, but some bad stuff, to guard and learn from going forward."

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You can show support for the hundreds of semi-professional and amateur clubs around England by going to a non-league match this weekend.

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