ePremier League

ePL Final: Xbox results and standings

28 Mar 2019
ePremier League Final

See the results and rankings from the evening group stage matches on Day 1 of the inaugural ePremier League Final

The Xbox group stage has finished after a dramatic evening, with the top two in each group going into tomorrow's knockout stage.

Live: Watch Day 2 of the ePremier League Final

 Xbox results and standings

(Click on the gamertags for player profiles)

Group APWLPts
Q-Manchester City (iBattle Cat)44012
Q-Liverpool (F2Tekkz)319
Cardiff City (RGCFIFA)4133
Watford (X SOUR KIWIS)133
Newcastle United (PlanetToast)133
Group A results

Cardiff City 0-1 Manchester City
Watford 6-4 Newcastle
Newcastle 6-5 Cardiff
Manchester City 4-3 Liverpool
Liverpool 2-0 Newcastle
Cardiff City 5-4 Watford (AET)
Watford 6-9 Liverpool
Newcastle 2-3 Manchester City
Watford 4-5 Manchester City
Cardiff City 3-4 Liverpool

Group BPWLPts
Q-Spurs (Lyricz)4319
Q-AFC Bournemouth (Marc Marley)4319
Crystal Palace (ItsMeAuzio)4226
West Ham (Jamboo)4226
Brighton (Caister)040
Group B results

Brighton 2-3 West Ham
Crystal Palace 1-3 AFC Bournemouth
AFC Bournemouth 4-3 Brighton
West Ham 3-4 Spurs
Spurs 5-4 AFC Bournemouth
Brighton 0-6 Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace 4-1 Spurs
AFC Bournemouth 4-3 West Ham (AET)
Crystal Palace 2-2 West Ham United (WHU win on pens)
Brighton 3-4 Spurs

Group CPWLPts
Q-Southampton (Rusher7x)4319
Q-Arsenal (Tass)319
Burnley (Brad_ColstonBFC)4226
Huddersfield Town (Painter97)226
Wolves (JoeEvo)440
Group C results

Burnley 2-1 Huddersfield Town
Wolves 3-5 Southampton
Southampton 6-4 Burnley
Huddersfield 2-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-2 Southampton (SOU win on pens)
Burnley 4-2 Wolves
Wolves 2-6 Arsenal
Southampton 4-4 Huddersfield (HUD win on pens)
Huddersfield 5-3 Wolves
Burnley 1-4 Arsenal

Group DPWLPts
Q-Manchester United (Jonesy17FIFA)44012
Q-Fulham (SCP Diogo)4319
Leicester (Hashtag Shawrey)4226
Everton (Potts1878)4133
Chelsea (Hashtag Ryannn)040
Group D results

Everton 3-4 Leicester
Fulham 2-4 Manchester United
Manchester United 7-4 Everton
Leicester 2-2 Chelsea (Leicester win on pens)
Chelsea 3-9 Manchester United
Everton 6-10 Fulham
Fulham 6-5 Chelsea
Manchester United 6-1 Leicester City
Fulham 1-4 Leicester City
Everton 4-3 Chelsea

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