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'Thirty years on I still suffer'

30 Sep 2016
Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League

In exclusive NBC Sports interview, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger opens up about his career

Before celebrating the 20th anniversary of his appointment as Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger opened up to explain the pain he feels as a manager.

Roger Bennett, one of the Men In Blazers, got the Arsenal manager to speak frankly about his career in management for NBC Sports, the Premier League’s rights-holder in the United States.

“You see my heart? Every defeat is a big scar in my heart,” Wenger says. “We love to win and we hate to lose.

“Football is spectacular because it is uncertain. This uncertainty creates a huge stress.”

Nevertheless, Wenger tells Bennett of why, despite such pain, he is still striving for the best at Arsenal, with a trip to Burnley on Sunday his next test.

“At the end of the day, my optimistic personality always takes over. The future will be good. Just work hard, put the effort in, do the right things and the future will be alright.”

Fans can watch the full Arsene Wenger interview with Roger Bennett on NBC Sport on Saturday 1 October from 12:30-1pm ET.

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