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What is the Premier League Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame recognises and celebrates individuals who have an exceptional record of success and have shown significant contribution in the Premier League since its inception in 1992. It is the highest honour awarded to individuals by the League.

The Premier League Hall of Fame exists online with content dedicated to celebrating the careers of those who have been inducted.

Who is already in the Premier League Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame launched in 2021, with inaugural inductees: David Beckham, Dennis Bergkamp, Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry, Roy Keane, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Alan Shearer.

In 2022, Sergio Agüero, Didier Drogba, Vincent Kompany, Wayne Rooney, Peter Schmeichel, Paul Scholes, Patrick Vieira and Ian Wright were inducted.

How will the additional three inductees be selected from the 15-man shortlist?

A shortlist of 15 nominees will be announced on Premier League digital channels from 10am on Thursday 30 March. Fans around the world once again invited to vote for three former Premier League players to join the Hall of Fame, in collaboration with the Premier League Awards Panel and previously inducted Hall of Fame members. Fans can vote at and via the Premier League app. The 2023 online vote will be open until 6pm on Monday 10 April, with the chosen inductees unveiled on Wednesday 3 May.

How many new members will join the Premier League Hall of Fame this year?

In 2023, the Premier League Hall of Fame will welcome five new inductees. Two individuals have been selected by the Premier League due to their achievements and outstanding contribution to the League. They were announced at 10am on Wednesday 29 March. Three more inductees will be voted into the Hall of Fame from a shortlist of 15.

Why are there fewer inductees this year?

The Hall of Fame was launched in 2021 and 16 players have already been inducted. The Premier League consulted with members of the Awards Panel before taking the decision to reduce entry numbers this season. Numbers of inductees may vary each season.

Why has the shortlist decreased from 25 to 15 nominees?

Given the reduced number of inductees selected via the public and Panel vote from six in previous years to three, the number of nominees included on the shortlist has been reduced accordingly.

Why does the shortlist feature new nominees this year?

New players become eligible each season upon their retirement from football. A number of other factors are also taken into account by the Premier League and the League’s Awards Panel, including: prior voting data for players included in previous Hall of Fame shortlists; eras; player positions and achievements. Each player will be considered according to these factors when compiling all future shortlists.

Why was it decided that managers could also be inducted this year?

The two managers inducted this year, like the players already inducted, have been recognised for their achievements in the game and the contribution they have made to the Premier League’s history. Both established a legacy that will live on for many years.

What are the selection criteria for players to be inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame?

To be eligible for the 2023 Premier League Hall of Fame, players must have retired by 1 January 2023 to be considered for induction.

Only an individual’s Premier League career is considered in their candidacy, not their performances in other competitions during the Premier League era.

Players must have made a minimum of 250 Premier League appearances unless they have achieved any of the following milestones:

  • Made a minimum of 200 Premier League appearances for one club
  • Been selected in any of the Premier League Team of the Decade or 20-Year Anniversary teams
  • Won a Premier League Golden Boot or Golden Glove
  • Been voted as Premier League Player of the Season
  • Won three Premier League titles
  • Scored 100 Premier League goals or recorded 100 Premier League clean sheets (goalkeepers only)

How is the Premier League Hall of Fame different to National Football Museum’s English Football Hall of Fame?

The National Football Museum’s English Football Hall of Fame rightly celebrates the entire history of English Football and the English football pyramid.

The Premier League Hall of Fame celebrates individuals who have made significant on-pitch contributions to the Premier League only. The Premier League Hall of Fame exists online and inductees will be selected by public and panel votes.

Will the Premier League Hall of Fame be displayed in a museum?

No. The Premier League Hall of Fame exists online, with dedicated content on Inductees receive a medallion engraved with their name and the year of their induction as well as being recognised at a formal induction ceremony attended by their peers, friends and Hall of Fame members.

Read more about the selection process in our FAQ.