Working with the clubs

The relationship between the Premier League Charitable Fund and professional football club community organisations (CCOs) is paramount.

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The Premier League Charitable Fund provides training, development and guidance to 105 Premier  League, English Football League and National League CCOs across England and Wales, of which 92 CCOs receive funding grants from the Premier League.


There are over 100 CCOs in England and Wales, each one connected to a professional football club.

Many are officially registered with the Charity Commission and have their own charity number. Working closely with the football clubs they are affiliated to, CCOs have a combined aim and ambition to use the power of football to make a positive difference to their local community.

The Premier League Charitable Fund was established in 2010 to distribute funding provided by the Premier League to the CCOs, supporting them in their delivery in thousands of schools and community venues across the country.


"Through the Premier League Charitable Fund, the Premier League is able to distribute large-scale investment in football club charities and the wider game, supporting those that need it most in communities across England and Wales."

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive
Capability code of practice

Before the Premier League Charitable Fund awards grants, a Capability Code of Practice, developed in collaboration with the Professional Footballers' Association and English Football League Trust, provides a rigorous governance standard for club charities to meet, including safeguarding and finance requirements.

In addition to grant funding, the Premier League Charitable Fund supports CCOs with direction and thought leadership, monitoring and oversight, and provides training, guidance and networking opportunities to enable CCOs to become strong, sustainable organisations.


Funding from the Premier League, via the Premier League Charitable Fund, is supporting a workforce of over 6,200 staff at professional football club charities in the Premier League, EFL and National League.

Of these, over 3,000 are employed full time. There is also a volunteer workforce of over 2,000 and a further 700 board members providing oversight of governance and management arrangements as set out in the Premier League Charitable Fund Capability Code of Practice.

Together with the Premier League Charitable Fund, they help to harness the power of football as a force for good.

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Working with the EFL Trust and National League Trust

The Premier League Charitable Fund works alongside the English Football League Trust and National League Trust to make a real difference to the lives of people of all ages.

The shared vision of the three organisations creates and supports activities across the football leagues and contributes to the Premier League Charitable Fund's goal of inspiring participants to achieve their potential and positively impact their local communities.

"The Premier League Charitable Fund has been a valued partner of the EFL Trust for many years. We work closely together to raise the standards across our CCOs and provide life-changing experiences for millions of young people. The collaborative approach has been a fantastic example of partners coming together to deliver value that is greater than the sum of the parts."

Cathy Abraham, Chief Executive EFL Trust