The FA

The FA sets the safeguarding policy and regulatory framework across football in England.

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The Premier League

The Premier League is the governing body of the Premier League football competition with responsibility for the organisation and regulation of the League, through the application of its rules to Clubs and their officials. These rules include the safeguarding measures which Clubs are required to adopt.

The Premier League has a dual role in supporting Clubs with the implementation of their safeguarding arrangements, and in monitoring and evaluating the adequacy of each Club’s safeguarding procedures and practices. Additionally, the Premier League has its own safeguarding policies and procedures which underpin its central activities.


Clubs are required to implement safeguarding procedures and practices consistent with football authority regulations, relevant legislation and statutory guidance. Club compliance with our safeguarding Rules is subject to regular independent audit.

Overarching regulations, policies and procedures

Affiliated Football Safeguarding Policy

Premier League Rules

Premier League Safeguarding Policy

Premier League Safeguarding Complaints Procedure

Young Person's Guide to understanding our Safeguarding Policy

Premier League Game Safe Guidance

PLCF Safeguarding Policy

Premier League Safeguarding Standards

Premier League Safeguarding Privacy Policy