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Topps hold the licence to produce official collectables for the Premier League, including stickers and trading cards in physical and digital formats.


Since launching the first official Premier League Sticker Collection in 1994 through its Merlin brand, Topps have delivered hugely-popular collectables in a number of different formats and brands.

In the 2007/08 season, Topps celebrated its long-term affiliation with a range that included the Topps Match Attax Trading Card Game.

Global success

This ground-breaking collectable has become the world’s most successful sports trading card game and is distributed around the world in over 40 markets across Asia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Topps collectables are supported with ground-breaking online, digital and multimedia applications that complement Topps cards and stickers with interactive worlds, exciting features and pioneering gameplay.

These innovative solutions include Topps football website and Topps Kick, the exclusive digital trading card APP of the Premier League.

Having worked with the Premier League since 1993, Topps and the League will celebrate 25 years together in 2017.

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