The Premier League and Avery Dennison have extended their partnership until the end of the 2024/25 season. 

Avery Dennison, the global sportswear branding and labeling manufacturer, will continue to supply all Premier League official shirt names, numbers and sleeve badges to the 20 participating clubs for both on-pitch and retail.

A Proud Supplier to the Premier League

Trusted by the world's top sporting leagues and apparel brands, Avery Dennison operates in over 115 locations across more than 50 countries.

A proud licensee of the Premier League since 2019/20, the company shares a commitment to innovation and sustainable thinking.

A sustainable brand and manufacturer

All names, numbers and sleeve badges are made from water-based materials, avoiding all harmful and hazardous substances, and are manufactured to ensure minimum wastage and environmental impact.

The sustainable badges have built-in smart technology allowing users to scan the badge to reveal hidden content on the Premier League app.

From the start of the 19/20 Season, fans have had access to in-app experiences by scanning and authenticating their products. And for intelligent stock control, RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology will be applied to every pack.

Since the start of the partnership, Avery Dennison has delivered high quality product and service to The Premier League which has been evident through our support of the No Room For Racism anti-discrimination work and the Premier League Hall of Fame as well as being at the forefront of numerous Premier League Mornings Live events. 

Welcome to names, numbers and sleeve badges in a league of their own.

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