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Sane ahead of the best with his rate of assists

18 Jan 2019

Man City winger's rate of providing goals for team-mates better than the PL's leading all-time creators

When it comes to providing assists, Leroy Sane is peerless at the moment.

By setting up Gabriel Jesus to open the scoring against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday, Sane recorded his eighth assist for Manchester City this season.

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That moved him to just two behind the 10 that Eden Hazard has in the lead of the race for the Golden Playmaker Award, the prize given to the player with the most assists in a season.

But this total does not show the consistency of Sane's creativity over the past season and a half. 

Perhaps more importantly, it ignores the limited playing time the German has had in reaching such numbers. 

This season Sane has played just 1,242 minutes.

In contrast, the Chelsea playmaker has featured in 1,762, or about five-and-a-half more matches more. 

If you look back to the start of the 2017/18 season, Sane's 23 Premier League assists are five more than any other player. But, this was achieved with far fewer minutes played than the four players immediately below him.

PL assists since August 2017
Player Assists Mins Mins/assist
Leroy Sane 23 3664 159.30
Raheem Sterling 18 4161 231.17
Paul Pogba 17 3826 225.06
Christian Eriksen 17 4558 268.12
Mohamed Salah 17 4859 285.82
Kevin De Bruyne  16 3305 206.56

Since August 2017, Sane's total minutes played is just 3,664, meaning he has provided an assist every 159.3 minutes.

Not one of the top six players for assists since that date gets anywhere near this rate of chance creation.  

A look at Sane's rate of assists compared with the leading all-time creators in the Premier League would show that he is far ahead of those players in terms of consistent chance creation.

All-time top PL assists 
Player Assists Mins Mins/assist
Ryan Giggs 162 46433 286.62
Cesc Fabregas 111 26372 237.59
Wayne Rooney 103 38019 369.17
Frank Lampard 102 48868 479.10
Dennis Bergkamp 94 22202 236.20
Steven Gerrard 92 41131 447.08

The closest to Sane among the top six for assists are Cesc Fabregas and Dennis Bergkamp, whose totals of 111 and 94 were achieved at a rate of more than 70 minutes more time than the Man City winger requires.

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