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Kick off a conversation: Our Starting XI questions

9 May 2024

As part of the Premier League's Inside Matters campaign, here are 11 questions to help you check-in with friends, family and fellow fans

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This week is the launch of the latest Premier League Inside Matters campaign, which aims to raise mental health awareness and to provide support and guidance for those who need it.

Talking to others about mental health can be difficult but with football having the unique ability to bring people together, fans are being encouraged to use that sense of community to check-in with one another.

Encouraging someone to open up is so important to positive mental health but sometimes it is hard to know the right questions to ask.

That is why the Premier League and the Mental Health Foundation have teamed up to develop a 'Starting XI' set of questions to help fans kick-off a conversation around mental health.


Why not use these as part of your matchday routine, either on the way to a match, at the half-time interval or after the final whistle?

Having that conversation could make a massive difference to someone you know.

The Starting XI questions
How is life treating you at the moment?
What in life is putting a smile on your face at the moment?
What is helping you to chill out or relax?
What is challenging you right now?
What is worrying you or stressing you out?
How are you feeling, is everything OK with you?
How are you really doing?
How are you sleeping?
Do you think there’s anything outside of football that is impacting your mood right now?
It seems like you’ve got a lot going on right now, how are you doing with it all?
What can I do to support you?

For further mental health support, fans can head to: Get help | Mental Health Foundation

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