Historic February puts 2023/24 on course for RECORD goals total

27 Feb 2024

See the AMAZING stats after a month that has had more goals per match than any other

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Fans of the Premier League have been treated to a GOAL FEST over these past few weeks, with February's matches averaging more goals than ANY month in the competition's history. 

There were 158 goals scored in 42 matches, meaning on average the ball hit the back of the net 3.8 times per fixture. 

Highest-scoring months, goals per match
Month Matches Goals Goals/match
Feb 2024 42 158 3.8
Sep 2020 28 103 3.7
Sep 2009 30 107 3.6
May 2016 28 96 3.4
Sep 2016 31 106 3.4

Arsenal were the highest scorers, netting 18 times, SIX more than anyone else. Manchester United, Aston Villa and Liverpool each struck 12.

The record for the most goals scored overall in a single month was set in December 2018, when there were 209 goals but there were also a lot more matches, with 69.

Interestingly, December 2023 was the SECOND highest-scoring month in Premier League history, featuring 206 goals from 66 matches.

And the glut of goals over the past few months has put 2023/24 on course to be the HIGHEST-scoring season ever. 

2023/24 set for record goals

If the current rate of 3.23 goals per match continues, there will be 1,228 goals scored this season, breaking the records for both 38 and 42-match seasons.

The current record for a 38-match campaign was set last season, with 1,084 goals, which is a massive 144 fewer than what we're on target for come May.

The most goals of any Premier League season came in the inaugural 42-match campaign, in 1992/93, when 1,222 goals were scored - six fewer than what 2023/24 is on course for - at a rate of 2.6 goals per match.

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