Active Allies helping to change the game for all

26 Feb 2024

Nike and Premier League team up with Chloe Kelly and Mason Mount to grow self-belief in girls and inspire allyship in boys

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Did you know that 75 per cent of girls have heard disparaging statements about them in sport? Or that 59 per cent of girls have experienced or seen sexism when taking part in physical activity? It's time this changed.

Together, we want to instil positive behaviours in children by growing self-belief in girls and inspiring allyship in boys - so football can be truly everyone's game.

The rollout of Active Allies includes the Premier League Kit Scheme for over 58,000 girls; video messages from England players Chloe Kelly and Mason Mount for assemblies in primary schools; and interactive resources for teachers designed by experts - to encourage discussion and inspire action across all participating primary schools.


Kelly said: “I'm extremely proud to champion this important piece of work from the Premier League and Nike across schools in England and Wales to enable more girls to play football with confidence.

“It's been brilliant to see the progress we are making with the women's game, but we know that it can't stop with us.

“Active Allies is fundamental to increasing girls' confidence in the game and inspiring more boys to actively challenge attitudes and systems that hold girls back. I have been lucky to be surrounded by allies throughout my career and believe this education at such a young age will change the game for girls.”


Mount said: "The Active Allies Scheme is here to show each of us that we have a role to play in making the game inclusive for all, on and off the pitch.

"It's been special to see the momentum behind the girls' and women's game recently, and as male players we need to support and continue that energy.

"It is important for young boys to challenge negativity towards girls in football and be active allies in growing girls' confidence to play, be seen and included as equals. This change will make the game better for us all in years to come."

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Primary schools in England and Wales can access the Active Allies educational resources by signing up to Premier League Primary Stars. For more details go to

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