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FPL experts: Lessons learned from 2022/23

6 Jun 2023
Kane, FPL

The panel reflect upon last season and share what they will be changing for 2023/24

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The Scout's panel of Fantasy Premier League experts look back on their 2022/23 campaign and share where they will look to improve going into next season's game.

Lee Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

I've probably played it safe this year, running a marathon not a sprint, which is OK, but there are weeks where I regret not sprinting, not taking the hit or not playing the differential captain. Going into next season, I'll still run the marathon, but I'll sprint during it more often in certain Gameweeks.

Utkarsh Dalmia (@Zophar666)

There are times in FPL when you need to take a few risks. Knowing when to spot a gem when others are slower to reach is key to success in this game. I have often done certain moves purely because of fear. Next season I am going to try to back my gut [instinct] more often, and if it goes wrong, so be it.

Nick Harris (@WGTA_Nick)

I need to become better at timing my risks. Some are worth taking when it comes to identifying players who are just hitting form, but in other cases when there is a player who is performing excellently that everyone owns, you have to just bite the bullet and avoid sunk cost fallacy.

Gianni Buttice (@GianniButtice)

My key lesson is to play your own game and not be influenced by ownership. At times this season, I went with the crowd out of fear of missing out, which goes against how I like to play the game.

Pras (@Pras_FPL)

My biggest lesson this year has been to not try to be different from others just for the sake of being different. FPL is a marathon and there are plenty of opportunities to find an edge. Trying to force it with differentials too often can lead to your downfall.

Sam Bonfield (@FPLFamily)

The start of this season was really difficult for me. I just couldn't find any momentum. To go from 1.3 million before the FIFA World Cup 2022 to a 20,137 finish is something I am hugely proud of. The key lesson I learned was not to give up, have patience and keep chipping away.

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