Premier Leagues partners with Sorare: All you need to know

30 Jan 2023
Image of fans playing Sorare fantasy football game

Find out how to play an exciting new fantasy football game using digital player cards from all Premier League clubs

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The Premier League has agreed a deal with Sorare to launch digital player cards from all 20 Premier League clubs for the next four years. Here is what you need to know.

What is Sorare?
Sorare is a global fantasy sports game and marketplace transforming the way fans connect with the players and clubs they love.

With Sorare, you collect, buy, sell, and play with officially licensed digital player cards, showcasing your football knowledge and roster skills to compete in free fantasy tournaments and win rewards based on your players’ real-life performance.

Founded in 2018, Sorare was created by football fans for football fans – and in short order has partnered with the globe’s biggest football leagues and clubs while amassing more than three million "managers" across nearly every country in the world.

In 2022, Sorare expanded into baseball and basketball via exclusive partnerships with MLB and the NBA, respectively. Global sports stars including Lionel Messi, Zinedine Zidane, Serena Williams and more have joined forces with Sorare as ambassadors and/or investors.

How does Sorare’s fantasy football game work?
● Build your team by collecting, buying, selling, and trading digital player cards.
● Submit a five-player lineup to compete in a variety of free bi-weekly tournaments – global or league-specific – against fans around the world.
● Win rewards based on your squad’s real-life performance.

How is Sorare different from other fantasy football platforms?
With Sorare, you truly own your digital player cards – unless you trade or sell them. In the game, you decide whom from your roster of cards to start week over week, season over season, building your legacy just like a professional football club owner. Plus, your digital player cards have real scarcity, authenticity, and utility.

In addition, Sorare features one of fantasy football’s most advanced scoring systems. As opposed to just scoring based on a player’s decisive actions (eg. goals, assists, etc), it also tracks a player’s all-around score (eg. tackles, chances created, etc). There are a number of different factors a Sorare manager has to take into consideration when building their squads.

What kinds of rewards are offered?
Rewards vary by competition, but include: Sorare digital player cards, Ethereum, match tickets, signed kits, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as playing five-a-side with football stars. And with Sorare, the more you win the more you advance, unlocking increasingly valuable cards, competitions, and rewards.

What are the different types of digital player cards?
There are different types of player cards in Sorare available to Managers to add to their teams.

"Common Cards" are chosen by Managers for free when joining a new sport or league.

In addition to the free "Common Cards", there are a limited number of "Scarcity" player cards that managers can purchase, win or trade for to add to their fantasy team.

For each of the footballers available on Sorare there are:
● 1,000 "Limited" cards
● 100 "Rare" cards
● 10 "Super Rare" cards
● One "Unique" card

How can I get started?
Sign up and receive free digital player cards to start building your football legacy.

Is there a minimum age to play?
You must be 18 years old or over to play Sorare: Football.

Are there any costs involved?
There is no entrance fee to play Sorare and all managers are given the opportunity to select "Common Cards" for free when they join. This allows anyone to enjoy playing Sorare fantasy competitions with Premier League digital player cards.

Is there a relationship with Fantasy Premier League?
There is no link or integration between Sorare’s fantasy football game and Fantasy Premier League.

What if I experience technical difficulties?
Please submit a request through the Help Centre and follow @SorareSupport on Twitter for updates.  

Where can I find more info about Sorare and its Premier League offerings?
Please visit the Sorare Premier League landing page and the Sorare Help Centre. Sign up and receive free digital player cards to start building your football legacy

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