No Room For Racism

Mee: Players have come together to fight inequality

19 Apr 2021

Burnley captain on how Premier League players have supported No Room For Racism campaign

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Burnley captain Ben Mee says he has been heartened by how Premier League players have come together to make a stand against discrimination.

Since last summer, players have "taken a knee" before the start of every fixture as a show of unity in the fight for equality.

As Burnley prepare for Sunday's trip to Manchester United, Mee says it is important to continue doing so in order to encourage big changes to happen. 

"Something that has come from it as a positive is players coming together and really taking a stand and showing that way," Mee said.

"A lot of sports have followed suit. Teams have really taken it on board, lower down the leagues have taken it on, and a wide range of sports have taken it all on.

"We continue to show support for everyone, that equality is so important for us all, especially in this time that we're going through now and hopefully we continue to do that and make a big change."

'I wanted to get my point across'

Mee also spoke about the emotional interview he gave after a controversial banner was flown behind a plane during Burnley's match against Manchester City last year.

"I was upset by it, I was angry by it and as soon as we come off the pitch, I told our media team that I was coming back out straightaway to address what had happened," he said.

"I didn't know what I was going to say. It was difficult, you don't want to say the wrong things. You want to get your point across.

"That was a challenge but it was something that I wanted to do and I think I've grown from it as well."

Reporting abuse

The Premier League's online abuse reporting system is helping players, managers and their family members who receive discriminatory online abuse. Each case is rapidly reviewed, reported to the relevant social media company and investigated. Where appropriate, legal action is taken. 

The League and clubs are also encouraging fans to play their part in the fight against racism by reporting it whenever they encounter it.

See: How to report racism

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