How Southampton are keeping Sally happy in lockdown

16 Jul 2020

The 82-year-old was at risk of isolation and lack of medication but the Saints Foundation stepped in to help

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Sally was one of many senior citizens for whom the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown presented many problems, but her local football club Southampton have stepped in to ensure the 82-year-old not only receives her medication but avoids feelings of isolation.

Before the pandemic, Sally looked forward to her regular Senior Saints sessions in her care home.

Organised by the Saints Foundation, the south coast club's charity, instructors would give Sally and others seated exercise classes. This helped her to stay fit and healthy.

And there was the social interaction too from the exercises that she enjoyed.

When those sessions had to stop because of the pandemic, the Foundation made sure Sally was not forgotten.

Aware that she is unstable on her feet and cannot collect her medical prescription, Saints Foundation have ensured she can still receive it.

Prescription delivery service

As part of the #SaintsAsOne initiative, the Foundation teamed up with the city council and the NHS in April to launch a city-wide Prescription Delivery Scheme, working with pharmacies to ensure the most vulnerable continue to get their medication. 

"My pharmacy sent all my pills in little boxes, and then the Foundation deliver it," explains Sally. "Everyone is very happy and very friendly, and absolutely fantastic."

Since lockdown Foundation volunteers have delivered almost 1,500 prescriptions from 40 different pharmacies.

Reaching out

Saints Foundation has also looked to ensure Sally and other Senior Saints participants can continue their exercise sessions by delivering resistance bands and workbooks.

More than hundred workbooks have been sent out to local people. 

Meanwhile, two Foundation staff members are keeping in touch with Sally every week.

"I get a regular phone call from Jake to find out how I'm doing and we have a good old laugh," says Sally.

"Then I have a phone call from Dawn. She's a lovely lady. We decided that when this is all over, she and I will go for coffee somewhere."

The calls to Sally are among 3,500 that have been made by the Foundation as it continues contact with programme participants, with almost 600 hours of contact carried out.

It is part of the wider help the Foundation and club's #SaintsAsOne programme has delivered to the area, including 13,000 meals cooked for the vulnerable and 9,000 units of food and drink donated to the NHS.

"I would describe them as the most fantastic Foundation I have come into contact with," says Sally. "Absolutely wonderful, and so, so caring. They’re wonderful people."

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