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21 Jan 2023
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It is important to maintain healthy relationships for your mental wellbeing, or feelings of isolation or loneliness can set in.

For Premier League players, being together in a dressing room or on a training pitch is what bonds them and makes them a team.

That was not possible during the first lockdown so they reached out to each other in new ways: video calls, texts or phone calls.

So think about using these ways to get in touch with the people you used to meet or talk to on a regular basis. It can be a video call, or it can be a simple text to see how they are.

Not only will it be good for you, but it will help them as well.

During the pandemic, Carlo Ancelotti, who was Everton manager at the time, phoned an isolated fan of the club and talked about the team and the game.

If you have friends you regularly attend football matches with or mates in your Fantasy Premier League mini-league, why not call them at Saturday 3pm to talk about the game you love? Re-live some of your favourite moments from this season.

See: NHS tips to stay connected

Managing your mental health

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