How Milivojevic has taken his Premier League penalties

29 Oct 2019
Luka Milivojevic penalty

See where the Crystal Palace captain likes to put his spot-kicks and how often he sends the goalkeeper the wrong way

Date Opponent Direction Keeper guess Result
10/04/17 ARS (H) Low left Correct Goal
14/05/17 HUL (H) Low right Wrong Goal
28/10/17 WHU (H) Low left Wrong Goal
09/12/17 BOU (H) High right Correct Goal
23/12/17 SWA (A) Low centre Correct Goal
31/12/17 MCI (H) Low centre Correct Saved
04/02/18 NEW (H) High right Correct Goal
10/02/18 EVE (A) Low left Correct Goal
17/03/18 HUD (A) High left Wrong Goal
31/03/18 LIV (H) Low left Wrong Goal
21/10/18 EVE (A) Low centre Correct Saved
28/10/18 ARS (H) Low left Wrong Goal
28/10/18 ARS (H) Low left Correct Goal
04/12/18 BHA (A) Low right Wrong Goal
22/12/18 MCI (A) Low right Correct Goal
02/01/19 WOL (A) High left Correct Goal
02/02/19 FUL (H) Low right Correct Goal
23/02/19 LEI (A) Low right Wrong Goal
09/03/19 BHA (H) High right Wrong Goal
30/03/19 HUD (H) Low left Wrong Goal
06/04/19 NEW (A) Low left Wrong Goal
28/09/19 NOR (H) High right Correct Goal
27/10/19 ARS (A) Low right Wrong Goal

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