Premier League extends commitment to Premier League Kicks

22 Oct 2019

Premier League to invest in Kicks project for the next three years, which will help it to have an impact on more than 175,000 young people

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For the last 13 years, Premier League Kicks has been working in local communities to inspire thousands of young people.

And that work will continue as the Premier League has extended its commitment to the project for the next three years, with the investment enabling more than 175,000 young people to access sessions across England and Wales by 2022.

Premier League support will allow the programme to grow so that 90 Premier League, EFL and National League clubs are able to deliver sport and education sessions in hundreds of local communities where projects are needed most.

With a focus on integration, equality and inclusion, thousands more girls will be engaged, and clubs will deliver ever more inclusive sessions.

Flagship programme

"Kicks is our flagship community programme and we are pleased that with the support of clubs and partners across the country, not least the police, we can continue to positively impact young people, providing them with opportunities and pathways that they may not have been able to access," said Premier League Executive Director Bill Bush.

"Twenty per cent of current Premier League Kicks staff are former participants or volunteers, which goes to show how a long-term commitment can provide support and pathways for young people to better themselves, in turn allowing them to be a positive influence to others growing up in their community."

PL Kicks gives young people access to free football sessions, sports sessions and workshops, providing them with opportunities, support and pathways to achieve their full potential.

It involves club community staff working closely with young people and authorities in their local area, including police and partners to create stronger, safer and more inclusive communities.

Equality and inclusion

Aimed at eight to 18-year-olds, Kicks engages young people in positive activities through their passion for football, while also addressing topics covering everything from equality and inclusion to youth violence and knife crime. 

The next three years of the programme will also see more targeted provision for young people requiring extra support. Working in partnership with Children in Need, 48 professional football clubs will provide mentorship and guidance to young people, inspiring them to realise their potential.

In London, a partnership with City Hall and the Metropolitan Police helps underpin Premier League Kicks delivery.

This is part of the public health approach to tackling violence, with positive opportunities regularly provided in targeted areas with the aim of reaching more than 25,000 young people in the capital over the next three years.

To celebrate the new investment, clubs across England and Wales will be hosting special events over the next two weeks highlighting the work of the programme.

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