Matches for live TV in December and January

17 Oct 2019
Jamie Vardy and Fabinho

Find out which fixtures, including Manchester and Merseyside derbies, have been rescheduled before, during and after festive period

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Premier League live TV 2019/20 fixture announcement dates
Matches for live TV in November 2019

The Premier League fixtures selected for live TV broadcast in the United Kingdom in December and January have been confirmed. 

The 2019/20 season is the first of the Premier League's new three-year broadcast cycle, with kick-off times for midweek evening match rounds now ranging from 19:30 to 20:15.

Kick-off times for UK non-live fixtures in these midweek evening match rounds will move in line with those selected for UK live coverage.

This is in keeping with the general principle employed for weekend movements.

All kick-off times are GMT.

Stay up to date with all the fixtures by downloading the Premier League's digital calendar.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

19:30 Crystal Palace v AFC Bournemouth (Amazon Prime Video)
20:15 Burnley v Man City (Amazon Prime Video)

Wednesday 4 December 2019

19:30 Chelsea v Aston Villa (Amazon Prime Video)
19:30 Leicester v Watford (Amazon Prime Video)
19:30 Man Utd v Spurs (Amazon Prime Video)
19:30 Southampton v Norwich (Amazon Prime Video)
19:30 Wolves v West Ham (Amazon Prime Video)
20:15 Liverpool v Everton (Amazon Prime Video)

Thursday 5 December 2019

19:30 Sheff Utd v Newcastle (Amazon Prime Video)
20:15 Arsenal v Brighton (Amazon Prime Video)

Saturday 7 December 2019

12:30 Everton v Chelsea (BT Sport)
17:30 Man City v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Sunday 8 December 2019

14:00 Aston Villa v Leicester (Sky Sports)
14:00 Newcastle v Southampton*
14:00 Norwich v Sheff Utd*
16:30 Brighton v Wolves (Sky Sports)
*After Sheff Utd v Newcastle moved to 5 Dec

Monday 9 December 2019

20:00 West Ham v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

Saturday 14 December 2019

12:30 Liverpool v Watford (BT Sport)
17:30 Southampton v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Sunday 15 December 2019

14:00 Man Utd v Everton (Sky Sports)
14:00 Wolves v Spurs*
16:30 Arsenal v Man City (Sky Sports)
*Due to Wolves' participation in UEFA Europa League

Monday 16 December 2019

19:45 Crystal Palace v Brighton (Sky Sports)

Saturday 21 December 2019

12:30 Everton v Arsenal (BT Sport)
17:30 Man City v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Sunday 22 December 2019

14:00 Watford v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
16:30 Spurs v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Thursday 26 December 2019

12:30 Spurs v Brighton (Amazon Prime Video)
15:00 AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal (Amazon Prime Video)
15:00 Aston Villa v Norwich (Amazon Prime Video)
15:00 Chelsea v Southampton (Amazon Prime Video)
15:00 Crystal Palace v West Ham (Amazon Prime Video)
15:00 Everton v Burnley (Amazon Prime Video)
15:00 Sheff Utd v Watford (Amazon Prime Video)
17:30 Man Utd v Newcastle (Amazon Prime Video)
20:00 Leicester v Liverpool (Amazon Prime Video)

Friday 27 December 2019

19:45 Wolves v Man City (Amazon Prime Video)

Saturday 28 December 2019

12:30 Brighton v AFC Bournemouth (Sky Sports)
17:30 Norwich v Spurs (Sky Sports)
17:30 West Ham v Leicester*
19:45 Burnley v Man Utd (BT Sport)
*After Leicester v Liverpool moved to 20:00 on 26 Dec

Sunday 29 December 2019

14:00 Arsenal v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
16:30 Liverpool v Wolves (Sky Sports)
18:00 Man City v Sheff Utd*
*After Wolves v Man City moved to 27 Dec

Wednesday 1 January 2020

12:30 Brighton v Chelsea (BT Sport)
12:30 Burnley v Aston Villa (BT Sport)
15:00 Newcastle v Leicester (BT Sport)
15:00 Southampton v Spurs (BT Sport)
15:00 Watford v Wolves (BT Sport)
17:30 Man City v Everton (BT Sport)
17:30 Norwich v Crystal Palace (BT Sport)
17:30 West Ham v AFC Bournemouth (BT Sport)
20:00 Arsenal v Man Utd (BT Sport)

Thursday 2 January 2020

20:00 Liverpool v Sheff Utd (BT Sport)

Friday 10 January 2020

20:00 Sheff Utd v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Saturday 11 January 2020

12:30 Crystal Palace v Arsenal (BT Sport)
17:30 Spurs v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Sunday 12 January 2020

14:00 AFC Bournemouth v Watford (Sky Sports)
16:30 Aston Villa v Man City (Sky Sports)

Saturday 18 January 2020

12:30 Watford v Spurs (BT Sport)
17:30 Newcastle v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Sunday 19 January 2020

14:00 Burnley v Leicester (Sky Sports)
16:30 Liverpool v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 21 January 2020

19:30 AFC Bournemouth v Brighton*
19:30 Aston Villa v Watford*
19:30 Crystal Palace v Southampton**
19:30 Everton v Newcastle*
19:30 Sheff Utd v Man City (BT Sport)
20:15 Chelsea v Arsenal (BT Sport)
*Change from 19:45 kick-off
**Club agreement

Wednesday 22 January 2020

19:30 Leicester v West Ham (BT Sport)
19:30 Spurs v Norwich*
20:15 Man Utd v Burnley (BT Sport)
*Change from 19:45 kick-off

Thursday 23 January 2020

20:00 Wolves v Liverpool (BT Sport)

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