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Daniel feeling part of a team with Burnley support

17 Jul 2019

Find out how one participant has improved his social and physical skills with the help of PL programme

One of the participants at this week's Premier League/BT Disability Festival is Daniel, who has Down's Syndrome and has been with Burnley FC in the Community for the last three years.

Daniel's parents Paul and Helen tell his story.

"Although we have always tried to keep Dan involved in lots of different activities, as a young boy he could be quite lazy and hard to motivate.

"Whenever we walked anywhere, within a very short time he would want to be picked up and carried.

"He would also give up very quickly when the situation became difficult or tiring.

"At primary school and well into secondary school his lack of understanding of consequences and his inherent over-exuberance led to Dan's behaviour becoming a challenge and unacceptable.

"The changes we, and his school, have seen in Dan over the last couple of years have been significant, and Burnley FC in the Community have played an integral and important part in these changes.

"From day one he was greeted with enthusiasm and a smile. Their 'firm but friendly' approach slowly but surely meant that Dan developed a respect for their authority and for each of them as individuals.

"They made him feel like part of the team and for kids like Dan, it is sometimes a challenge to feel that.

"He is developing into a fit, active and caring young man. We feel strongly that it is important for all children to have positive adult role models and Burnley's staff have been just that."

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