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Why are Premier League matches sometimes rescheduled?

16 Sep 2016

Why are Premier League matches sometimes rescheduled?

Match dates and kick-off times can alter for a variety of reasons.

Some fixtures are rescheduled for live TV broadcast. This can change either the date of the match, the kick-off time, or both. For example, matches originally scheduled on Saturdays at 3pm might move to Friday evening, Saturday lunchtime or evening, Sunday afternoon, or Monday evening slots.

League fixtures will also be rescheduled if they clash with major domestic or European cup competitions. The relevant competitions are the EFL Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League & UEFA Europa Conference League.

UEFA Europa League & UEFA Europa Conference League matches are mostly scheduled for Thursday evenings. In this instance, any Premier League matches involving teams competing in this competition scheduled on the following Saturday will be moved, usually to the Sunday.

In the latter part of the season some Premier League matches are scheduled for the same weekend as FA Cup ties. This requires the rescheduling of some League matches, if and when teams progress to the next round of the cup.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, while Premier League matches were played behind closed doors, the League made all matches available to fans to watch live in the United Kingdom. This brought about revised match dates and times to facilitate this accessible solution for supporters.

Information on confirmed fixture changes is included in the Publications section of our website.

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