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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Standard - Conflict of Interest Policy

Premier League Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Standard
PLEDIS Panel Conflict of Interest Policy

(To be read in conjunction with the PLEDIS Panel Membership Description and Terms of Reference).


The Premier League Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Standard is committed to  objective decision making and to ensuring that awards are made, and are seen to be  made, free from personal  bias and do not unfairly favour particular outcomes as a result of an individual, family, organisational or business relationship between a Panel Member and a Club or other relevant bodies.

A conflict of interest is a situation in which a Panel Member's personal interests or loyalties could prevent, or could be seen to prevent, an individual Panel Member from making an objective decision in relation to a Club's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Standard submission.


This policy applies to Panel Members and the appointed Panel Chair.

Members of the PLEDIS Panel have a duty to act in the best interests of the Premier League. In particular, they must not place themselves in a position where they have, or may have, a direct or indirect interest that conflicts with their duties as an independent Panel member.

Procedure for potential Conflict of Interest declarations

  1. Newly appointed Panel Members are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest at the time of their appointment;
  2. Current Panel Members who were appointed prior to this policy being implemented are required to make an initial declaration;
  3. Appointed Panel Members are required to make an annual declaration of potential conflict thereafter;
  4. In addition, outside of this initial and annual procedure, if a Panel Member believes a conflict of interest has developed or a matter may need to be declared, they should contact the Premier League for guidance;
  5. Declarations will be entered into the PLEDIS Conflict of Interest Register which is maintained by the Conflicts will be recorded as ongoing or time-limited;
  6. Potential conflicts which may exclude a Panel Member from considering a specific Club's submission include but are not be restricted to:
  • Recentpaid employment (including consultancy or a commercial contract) with a Club;
  • Ongoing or recent direct relationship with a business/organisation/charity which has a financial or organisational relationship with a Club;
  • A close family relationship or friendship with an employee of a Club;
  1. Panel Members who are Season Ticket Holders of a Club engaged in the PLEDIS process must record this in the

Exclusions to Panel Membership

Guidance on exclusions will be given by the Premier League on a case-by-case basis but would include:

  • Permanent Premier League and EFL Club employees;
  • Permanent employees of the Premier League and the EFL;
  • Permanent employees of the FA;
  • Permanent employees of Kick It Out and the PFA;
  • Members of the IFO Advisory


  • 'Club' includes a Football Club, holding company or other related parties and its Club Community Organisation (CCO)/Foundation which is engaged in the PLEDIS process;
  • 'Recent' is defined as within the last twelve months;
  • 'Employee' also includes Directors, Non-Executive Board Members and CCO staff;
  • 'Members' of the PLEDIS Panel includes the Panel

Clubs engaged in the Standard {Season 2021-2022)

  • Twenty current members of the Premier League;
  • AFC Bournemouth;
  • Fulham FC;
  • Huddersfield Town AFC;
  • Middlesbrough FC;
  • Sheffield United FC;
  • West Bromwich Albion

For internal use:

Date of approval

1 November 2021

Date of next review

1 June 2022

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