No Room For Racism

Solanke: We all have role to play in fight against racism

10 Oct 2022

AFC Bournemouth forward calls on fans to tackle discrimination

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Dominic Solanke says that everyone has a role to play in the fight against discrimination.

Last weekend and during the next round of fixtures, players at Premier League matches are resuming taking the knee ahead of kick-offs to show their unity against all forms of racism.

Premier League players are calling on fans to challenge and report discriminatory behaviour wherever they see it and Solanke says everyone has a responsibility to fight discrimination.

"To still be having this stuff in this day and age is just crazy really," says the AFC Bournemouth forward. "The power that we have all over the world, on social media, everything.

"It's just important that everyone does their part to just get rid of it.

"The sooner it's gone the better world it'll be."

If you see discrimination, challenge it, report it, change it.

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