Elite Coach Accreditation Scheme

1 Sep 2021
A coach from Chelsea FC

Learn more about the two-year development programme for coaches at Premier League and Category One Academies

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The Elite Coach Accreditation Scheme (ECAS) is a world-class development opportunity for high-potential coaches at Premier League and Category One Academies.

The scheme looks to support the aim of the Premier League’s Elite Coaching Plan (ECP) to elevate the quality of coaches across the English game and to change the global perception of our coaching.  

Equality, diversity and inclusion is ensured at every stage, from the identification of coaches to their development on the scheme.  

Coaches on ECAS take part in a two-year development programme, the Premier League Coach Development Institute Programme (CDIP).

The CDIP is individualised to each coach and combines workshops and study visits both in football and in other sports and industries, as well as mentoring by senior counterparts and networking opportunities with other coaches across the game. It is broken down into the following areas of development: 

Needs and wants analysis
This process will start at the beginning of the programme and will evolve throughout the coach’s duration on ECAS and beyond, to ensure they are getting the most out of their experience and development opportunities.

Across the two years, there will be 12 workshops delivered virtually or face-to-face.

They are delivered by a wide range of speakers from within football and other sports, but also outside sport, including an experience delivered by military professionals.

Workshop content, informed by the collective coaches’ identified needs and wants, typically focuses on four areas:
- leading and managing self
- leading and working with others
- skill acquisition and learning theory
- talent identification and measurement.

Action learning sets
The ECAS cohort will engage in 12 virtual action learning sets.

These are peer-learning opportunities, where coaches can support and challenge each other on real-world coaching issues.

Coaching cells
Coaching cell meetings consist of the coach, their Club Head of Coaching or Club Mentor, the Scheme Manager or Core Mentor, and other people who are supporting the coach.

The meetings allow them to collaborate on, support and challenge the coach’s learning and development. 

Coaches on ECAS are encouraged to engage with a range of mentoring opportunities.

There will be a Core Mentor to support them throughout the programme, as well as access to Project Mentors and subject matter experts to support the specific needs and wants of the coach.

Each coach will also be supported to attend placements or study visits that align with their development.

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