Elite Heads of Coaching

1 Sep 2021
Image of an Arsenal Academy Coach

Find out how the programme aims to establish a sustainable approach to coach development in Academy football

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The Elite Heads of Coaching programme (EHOC) sets out a series of aims for coaches, coach development and players by empowering all Premier League and EFL clubs to establish a sustainable approach to coach development in Academy football.  

A primary purpose of EHOC is to give all 92 Premier League and EFL clubs the opportunity to appoint their own full-time Head of Coaching (HOC). 

The HOC fulfils a key leadership role to support and develop coaches, so that they improve and perform to the best of their potential and can maximise the potential of players as a result.  

A core part of EHOC is a bespoke development programme for each HOC, where they are provided with varied learning and development opportunities and experiences while being supported by coaching mentors. 


- To empower the clubs to become more self-sufficient in training and developing the coaching workforce
- To facilitate the deployment of a club-owned coach development workforce across every club in the professional game
- To provide all existing and newly appointed staff members with their own development programme to ensure that each HOC is appropriately developed and supported 

EHOC is a strategic priority for the Premier League and EFL and part of the wider professional game’s commitment to developing coaches, drawing on the combined expertise of The Football Association, League Managers’ Association and Professional Footballers’ Association. 

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