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Results from the Xbox group stage and quarter-finals

23 Mar 2021

See how the competition has developed as the top UK-based FIFA 21 players battle for glory

The Finals of the 2020/21 ePremier League are under way as the 40 top United Kingdom-based EA SPORTS FIFA 21 players on Xbox and PlayStation 4 battle it out to to be crowned the best of them all.

Hosted from London's Gfinity Arena, the Xbox group stage and quarter-finals were played on Tuesday, with the line-up now completed for the semi-finals, which will take place on Friday.

On Wednesday, it will be the turn of the Playstation 4 players to battle through the group stage and the last eight.

Xbox semi-final fixtures

1. Olle "Ollelito" Arbin (LEE) v Joseph 'Healy' Healy (ARS)
2. Diogo 'FalconsDiogo' Mendes (CHE) v Sean 'SAF Dragon' Allen (MUN)

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Xbox quarter-final results

1. Olle "Ollelito" Arbin (LEE) 13-2 Tom 'ELVNS Stokes' Stokes (TOT)
2. Joseph 'Healy' Healy (ARS) 7-6 Sean 'Sean Flossy' Bleakley (WOL)
3. Diogo 'FalconsDiogo' Mendes (CHE) 6-3 Jas "Jas1875" Singh (WBA)
4. Donovan 'Fnatic Tekkz' Hunt (LIV) 3-5 Sean 'SAF Dragon' Allen (MUN)

Xbox group stage results
Group A

Opening match
1. Ryan "MCFC Ryan" Pessoa (MCI) 6-4 Jake "PlanetToast" Simpson (NEW)

Winners’ matches
2. Jas "Jas1875" Singh (WBA) 6-5 Alfie "WHU RedLac" Calder (WHU)
3. Olle "Ollelito" Arbin (LEE) 4-2 Ryan "MCFC Ryan" Pessoa (MCI)

Losers’ match
4. Alfie "WHU RedLac" Calder (WHU) 6-4 Jake "PlanetToast" Simpson (NEW)

Elimination match
5. Ryan "MCFC Ryan" Pessoa (MCI) 9-6 Alfie "WHU RedLac" Calder (WHU)

Qualification matches
6. Olle "Ollelito" Arbin (LEE) 5-2 Jas "Jas1875" Singh (WBA)
7. Jas "Jas1875" Singh (WBA) 8-2 Ryan "MCFC Ryan" Pessoa (MCI)

Group B

Opening match
1. Sean 'SAF Dragon' Allen (MUN) 5-7 Anthony 'GuigseyBACK' McGuigan (AVL)

Winners’ matches
2. Gian-Luca 'Bundled Luca' Schilder (BHA) 6-7 Joseph 'Healy' Healy (ARS)
3. Spencer 'HUGE G0RILLA' Ealing (SHU) 3-4 Anthony 'GuigseyBACK' McGuigan (AVL)

Losers’ match
4. Gian-Luca 'Bundled Luca' Schilder (BHA) 4-5 Sean 'SAF Dragon' Allen (MUN)

Elimination match
5. Spencer 'HUGE G0RILLA' Ealing (SHU) 5-6 Sean 'SAF Dragon' Allen (MUN)

Qualification matches
6. Anthony 'GuigseyBACK' McGuigan (AVL) 5-6 Joseph 'Healy' Healy (ARS)
7. Anthony 'GuigseyBACK' McGuigan (AVL) 2-8 Sean 'SAF Dragon' Allen (MUN)

Group C

Opening match
1. Jasper 'Burnley Ashy' Ashworth (BUR) 5-1 Alfie 'Alfsimonroe' Roe (CRY)

Winners’ matches
2. Jayden 'NFG Jayden' Groden (EVE) 9-3 Tom 'ELVNS Stokes' Stokes (TOT)
3. Diogo 'FalconsDiogo' Mendes (CHE) 5-0 Jasper 'Burnley Ashy' Ashworth (BUR)

Losers’ match
4. Tom 'ELVNS Stokes' Stokes (TOT) 7-6 Alfie 'Alfsimonroe' Roe (CRY)

Elimination match
5. Jasper 'Burnley Ashy' Ashworth (BUR) 1-2 Tom 'ELVNS Stokes' Stokes (TOT)

Qualification matches
6. Diogo 'FalconsDiogo' Mendes (CHE) 4-3 Jayden 'NFG Jayden' Groden (EVE)
7. Jayden 'NFG Jayden' Groden (EVE) 2-3 Tom 'ELVNS Stokes' Stokes (TOT)

Group D

Opening match
1. Joseph 'Royal Funky' Crown (SOU) 3-7 Sean 'Sean Flossy' Bleakley (WOL)

Winners’ matches
2. Jacob 'FUTWIZ NKSNB' Benskin (LEI) 7-6 Thomas 'Painter' Painter (FUL)
3. Donovan 'Fnatic Tekkz' Hunt (LIV) 5-2 Sean 'Sean Flossy' Bleakley (WOL)

Losers’ match
4. Thomas 'Painter' Painter (FUL) 1-3 Joseph 'Royal Funky' Crown (SOU)

Elimination match
5. Sean 'Sean Flossy' Bleakley (WOL) 6-1 Joseph 'Royal Funky' Crown (SOU)

Qualification matches
6. Donovan 'Fnatic Tekkz' Hunt (LIV) 4-3 Jacob 'FUTWIZ NKSNB' Benskin (LEI)
7. Jacob 'FUTWIZ NKSNB' Benskin (LEI) 5-7 Sean 'Sean Flossy' Bleakley (WOL)

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