Davies: Exercise gives me a daily boost

19 Jan 2021

Spurs defender speaks about how he is maintaining positive mental health during lockdown

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For those looking to cope with life in lockdown, Ben Davies recommends the benefits of regular exercise to maintain their mental wellbeing.

"It helps me feel like I'm in a rhythm and I feel better every day," the Tottenham Hotspur defender says.

"Even on the days off, sometimes where I feel a bit lost or a bit lonely, I've always found that exercising helped me, especially during lockdown when there wasn't much to do," he said.

"I got on the treadmill at home or went out for a run and it really seemed to give me that boost for the day."

Staying in touch

Davies was speaking as part of a series of special videos featuring Premier League players speaking about the importance of mental health.

The Welshman also reveals how he has been looking out for people in his local area, including an elderly neighbour who is stuck at home in the lockdown. 

"We did his shopping, helping out with his transport needs, his appointments, and all that," Davies says. "It's been tough times especially for people who are locked indoors all day and can't really do much.

"We're in quite a privileged position that we are able to still go to work every day."

Fans can get more information on maintaining positive mental health from the Premier League's #StayWell hub, including tips and advice from experts and players, as well as links to National Health Service resources and Public Health England's "Every Mind Matters" campaign.

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